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Latest SorgSvart updates

February 2008

The hopefully last new release date for the new album is 20th March 2008.

December 2007

The new albums are delayed till 18th January 2008.

October 2007

The release date for the new album "Vikingtid og AnArki" is December, 7th 2007.


This week Sorg finally entered the studio again to continue recording his full-length "Vikingtid og Anarki". Even that Sorg has been a really short time in studio the development has reached very far. He has now finished the guitars and also managed to find a good bass sound with very good help from his producer Stein Sund (earlier bassist in Einherjer, currently bassist in Thundra and Throne of Katarsis). Do you wish to follow Sorg and his SorgSvart in studio, you can attend the studio`s homepage as a little reminder on my previous post. Here can you read comrade Stein Sund`s daily studio updates and also look at several pictures and videos taken during revording! A new era is approaching comrades!



Sorg entered Studio today and started recording his new epic work "Vikingtid og Anarki", the SorgSvart album is hopefully expected to be out before the Norwegian workers vacation in june/july or at least just after its end in August. Follow the development on , just click the icon "StudioDiary" and you will be updated on everything Sorg is doing in the studio.